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Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Awardee

October 1, 2019

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs’ nominee, Carmen Valdes, Phd, recently won the Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Award. This award recognizes and honours an outstanding individual or business/organization/ agency in the city/community with a proven record of empowering women. It should focus on an individual or group outside of Zonta to extend our reach in the community and, if suitable facilitate collaboration. Inorder to be eligible for Country Award, the individual/organization must be well-known and visible in advocacy on women issues.

An author of the book, “Educating Women Leaders”, Dr. Vadles is the president of Assumption College in Makati City. Dr. Valdes has counselled young women who have been survivors of sexual abuse. She is a prolific lecturer and educator on such topics of gender issues and female education in today’s culture and religious climate.

Herself a survivor of child sexual abuse, Dr. Valdes shares, “Perhaps, my biggest contribution was to come forward and speak about my own traumas of my childhood even as I was elected President – that was very risky.

I did not know what the public reaction would be. After an article appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I received a barrage of texts and calls. It turns out 90% of people both men and women and especially students are most grateful judging from texts, emailsand face to face communications. Ten percent told me that I should have kept quiet because it sort of “tarnished” the image of a college president. It’s the risk I took, it wasworth it and I would do it again. Before accepting the position of President, I told the Assumption Sisters about my childhood experiences and that they would become public in my book. I am deeply grateful that they were willing to take the risk with me.”

We congratulate Dr. Carmen “Pinky” Valdes on her well deserved award!




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