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Fora by FilpinaZ Featured Artist

October 11, 2019

Kenneth Cobonpue

How would you best describe your bloom chair concept?

While its inspiration makes it beautiful, the craftsmanship behind it makes it meaningful. It takes a lot of skills to make the stitching lines on the petal symmetrical. As our first attempt at doing upholstery, the goal was to create something that would tickle people’s imagination and evoke a child-like elation while maintaining sophistication in the design.

Why do you think it is one of the most sought-after pieces that you’ve created?

It’s timeless and simply beautiful. It demands attention in any space.

How would you describe the adaptability and aesthetic appeal of this unique aqua- colored version you committed to the FilipinaZ project?

The fresh, cool tone of the aqua color allows it to be versatile and complement any space. It’s calming and pleasant to the eyes, perfect for lounging around.

Lastly, please share with us why you agreed to be part of this creative collaboration?

It allowed our Bloom chair to be given a fresh new look, but more importantly, it gave us the privilege to ultimately help empower Filipinas and their communities. Our Bloom chair in the special aqua color now has a new story to tell – one that we are very proud of.

Ben Farrales

Touching, heartwarming, timeless, and distinctly Filipino—these are the words that describe the designs of Ben Farrales. Designing since the 1950s, Farrales earned the title, the ‘Dean of Philippine Fashion’ for championing the use of local fabrics and textiles and transforming them into elegant and wearable attires that are truly Filipino. Mang Ben, as he is lovingly called in the fashion circle, draws inspiration from traditional clothing like the malong of Mindanao and created his own versions of the terno and barong tagalog— all of which have that identifiable Muslim touch. His works displayed intricate detailing and modern wearability that makes them ‘world-class’ Filipiniana pieces. “His greatest contribution is his dedication to the fashion industry. He earned his title the ‘Dean of Philippine Fashion’ not only because of his brilliant creations and runway show that have earned worldwide accolades, but also for his unwavering resolve to pass on his knowledge to a new breed of young designers.”—Mita Rufino, Zonta Club of Makati and Environs past president. A true icon, frontiersman, and advocate of Filipino fashion, he has dressed countless socialites, celebrities, prominent figures, and mounted over 200 fashion shows (held here and abroad) made him the fashion master trusted by Manila’s most discerning up to this day.

Juvinal Sanso

For many budding art collectors, owning a Sanso has been aspirational, but often, remains just that, because of their rarity and price, until now. Zonta Club of Makati and Environs’ FORA by FilipinaZ market fair has teamed up with Fundacion Sanso for a first-ever collaboration to celebrate Juvenal Sanso’s fine artistry. Five, never-before-seen images from the Sanso archives will be used and printed (with permission) on a contemporary new collection of t-shirts, scarves, fans, ceramic plates, and giclee prints in serially-numbered quantity. The Sanso images used throughout the collection are some of Juvenal’s most iconic and most treasured paintings and to see them continue their journey into a new form in such an innovative and interesting way is a wonderful prospect. Not only does this collection allows for a creative reimagining of his paintings to be taken off a canvas and created in new ways, it also brings Juvenal Sanso to a totally new audience. As a way of giving back to the art community, sales of the Juvenal Sanso merchandise will be given to fund a year’s scholarship of selected young Filipino artists in residence at Fundacion Sanso.




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