Zonta Club of Makati and Environs


Training Women to Earn and Prosper

The Kababaihan Project is a holistic program for women that aims to transform each woman, beginning with her inner core to building up her self-esteem. Its mission is likewise to improve the economic status of women and their families by providing them with business skills and education. Based at the ZCME Community Center, the project was organized in 2003 for undergraduate women or those with only a high-school education or even below that and wives who solely depend on the income of their low- ranking military husbands. Initially, these women simply attended the First Friday Mass, cenacle, and bible-reading sessions that included sharing their life story. And because the club was convinced that trade is more dignifying than aid, a livelihood-skills program followed, as ZCME partnered with TESDA to provide training on hand-crafted fashion and home-accessories making, food processing, hairstyling, massage therapy, and reflexology. Pop-up stores were provided to give these disadvantaged women in the community the opportunity to sell their products. They were given micro-credit assistance for their respective businesses. These products, most especially the “Kababaihan Bags,” were exhibited and sold yearly at the FilipinaZ Fair and ManilaFAME. This project was designed for the development of livelihood skills that will create sustainable income opportunities for women.