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Fora Showcase Of Future Fashion Talent

Institute Of Creative Entrepreneurship-Fashion, Arts, Design (ICEFAD)

October 11, 2019

FORA has partnered with three distinguished fashion schools: School of Fashion and the Arts Design Institute (SoFA), Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) and Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship-Fashion Arts and Desgin (ICE-FAD) in order to showcase the talents of their students and faculty.

Institute Of Creative Entrepreneurship-Fashion, Arts, Design (ICEFAD)

ICEFAD is the newest and most innovative technical and vocational school, aiming to provide an affordable,comprehensive and market-based education in the apparel business. It offers courses from the technical aspect of concept-to-production and the entrepreneurial business skills that will enable students (undergraduates, graduates, and professionals) to acquire the basic foundation required to be productively engaged after completion of the full program. Though new in the business, we intend to be the first school to offer comprehensive courses on the business aspect of the retail and apparel industry.

ICEFAD is a school that gives educational opportunities to undergraduates, graduates, and professionals to choose and pursue their own future. It is also a school that aims to preserve our Filipino cultural heritage and promote sustainability. Its social responsibility encompasses scholarship to talented students who are financially incapable of pursuing aformal education. The school also helps them in finding related work opportunities to empower them to build a better standard of living for themselves.

Jamsy Perez

After graduating college, Jamsy took the leap at Made-to-Order pieces for clients. It wasn’t easy especially due to her lack of knowledge and time due to her full time job. But it didn’t stop her from entering the industry. On Janaury 2019 she enrolled at the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship Fashion Arts & Design (ICEFAD) as another step towards her dream. ICEFAD helped Jamsy improved herself as a fashion designer as well as a businesswoman. And enabled her to build her brands.

Aaron Mabilin

Is the course specialist of the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship for Fashion Jewelry. He is the creator and wire extraordinaire behind Wild Wires by Aaron, a collection of purely hand crafted and one of a kind wearable curiosities. An entrepreneur and art enthusiast, graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, College of Fine Arts and Design who specializes in product development. A chief stylist in several agencies for product styling, food styling and event styling.

AJ Bernabe

is a streetwear designer and an acitve faculty member of both DLS-CSB School of Design and Arts and Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship Fashion and Design. She’s a Project Runway Philippines alumna, ; Finalist of Look Style Awards 2016; Winner of National Commission of Culture and the Arts RTW 2016 competition; and a Transformational Reconstruction Cutting Certified under the direction of TR Master himself, Shingo Sato.

Lesley Nubla

is a women’s wear fashion designer. Her designs are mostly focused on custom formal and corporate casual wear. As a designer, Lesley believes that mastering one’s craft is a continuous process and we should always take the opportunity to gain further knowledge. With that, she  actively participates in trainings as well as internships. The most recent workshop she completed was Transformation Reconstruction conducted by Japanese fashion innovator Shingo Sato.Apart from designing, Lesley is also a Course Specialist at Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship where she handles pattern, construction and fabric detailing courses.

Jinggay Serag

is the designer of the namesake Manila based womenswear brand. The brand has two very simple concepts: break through in design and commitment to quality. Finding the perfect balance hidden between patterns and to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. It believes in tradition and innovation while highlighting Serag’s creativity, the brand has slowly become a mainstay in the industry.

Jinggay Serag is also the designer of her namesake brand and is currently a faculty at ICE-FAD and DLS-CSB FDM. She is a graduate of Architecture and took courses in Fashion Design and Merchandising. She was a finalist at Mega YDC, Project Runwway and NCCA RTW Design Competition and has been showing at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival for several seasons now.

Anon Trois by GB, Jen & Jodie

Anon Trois is a designer collective that advocates the power of collaboration, co-founded by three ICE- FAD students undergoing the full Fashion Design & Entrepreneurship program, Joanna Denise Rodriguez, Donne Jen Uson and Gilbert Samson. The goal of the collective is to redefine minimalist clothing through using their unique aesthetics & unusual silhouettes in order to make “simple clothing” stand out in a subtle way.




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