Zonta Club of Makati and Environs


Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Program

October 9, 2019

Zonta International strongly campaigns and advocates the U.N Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) addressing worldwide issues and problems. One of the most glaring SDG is resolving hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

HNH was set up as a Zonta Makati Project in response to the above stated issues. We joined like-minded public and private stakeholders to bring a solution to this problem. Zonta provides a Central Station for warehousing, inventory keeping and pickup point for donated goods and resources for distribution to marginalized communities all over the country. These functions help promote the awareness of National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, and organizations on the ground of Zonta’s role in this nation-building endeavour. It promotes awareness of Zonta amongst the corporate and private sector who deliver and donate the goods and resources.

To highlight the wide scope of this project, we are providing the donated resources monetary value and it’s long term effect on health. The project started 3 bienniums ago (now going on 4) during President Cora Tan’s term. Milk for malnourished children was one of the most important flowed out resource. The monetary value of milk alone totals over ₱ 200 Million. The other resources flowed down to the families, institutions and workers are soap, laundry items, vitamins, cleaning agents, school supplies, and many others with an estimated value of another ₱ 100 Million. We presented the monetary value of the donated resources just to highlight its quantity that translates to big beneficiary numbers.

DSWD, DepEd and LGUs documented the result of the 120 days feeding program for malnourished children.

The excellent result is an added value to HNH. The collated yearly result shows:

Substantial weight gain 98-100%
Fully rehabilitated to Normal
Drop out from the program
less than 1% (.10 or .11%)

HNH keeps a low profile, concentrating more on the recipients and its effect on the beneficiaries. No effort was done on the PR side. Although, without trying, the recipients and workers involved only have good things to say about the program. Hopefully, this short write-up will reach others and bring about the appreciation of the HNH Program of Zonta. It truly contributes to nation building.




Stand Together Against COVID-19 (UPDATE MAY 2020)

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs’ nominee, Carmen Valdes, Phd, recently won the Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Award. This award recognizes and honours an outstanding individual or business/organization/ agency in the city/community with a proven record of empowering women.

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